According to the US Department of the American Diabetes Guidelines, women need fewer calories than average age men of the same age. This report says that adult women aged 19 to 30 years of age will have to eat 2,000 to 2,400 calories per day. 31 to 50-year-old women every day 1,800 to 2,200 calories and for women 50 years old, 1,600 to 2,200 required less amount per day. The exact number depends on age, body type, and daily physical activity levels.Weight-Loss (1)

2007 statistics say 60 percent of US women have more weight. Notable factors, diseases related to excessive obesity such as the risk of developing heart problems, stroke, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure are increased. An effective diet plan is a healthy diet, by limiting small parts and unhealthy food choices, women can help reduce the risk of this disease.

The American Heart Association 2013 information has been told, American adults who are overweight. That number is 78 million adult brains and 42 million women among them. Obesity is at risk for chronic diseases including heart, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers. Improve their health through proper diet and exercise programs for breastfeeding women.

According to nutrition and diabetic academics, obesity is defined as a body mass index, or BMI, more than 30. BMI helps estimate body fat and is based on height related body weight. BMI can be calculated by increasing the weight in pounds by 703, then divided by the height of the inches, and divided by the height in inches.

Calorie Decrease:

Adult women generally require fewer calories than men. The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, or NHLBI, advocates for obesity education to reduce the risk of disease to help reduce the weight loss for women with weight. According to USDA’s Nutrition Policy and Campaign Center, adult women generally require fewer calories than men. To successfully reduce weight, NHLBI suggests that women lose weight by 1 to 2 pounds per week in men, like men, to reduce the weight of 500-1000 calories every day. After six months of weight loss, the primary body weight will be 10 percent, Weight loss is encouraged to maintain extra weight before losing weight.

Calorie Requirement:

Obese women should follow a low-calorie diet plan.

The NHLBI institute has advised that The brain follows women’s low-calorie diet plan, but not less than 800 calories per day. The food made by daily 1,000 to 1,200 calories is appropriate. Women who require more than 165 pounds of medicines or regular exercise may need 1,600 calories daily.

Food plan:

They should eat 15% of their calories from the source of gross women’s protein. Diet recommends that 15 percent of total calories from protein, 55 percent or more of carbohydrate and less than 30 percent fat. Fat and diabetes should be limited to 10 percent of cholesterol. It is recommended to feed 20 to 30 grams of fiber every day.

United States Department of Agriculture, food Beauty Plate Instructions Suitable for Choosing Good Health Foods. The USDA My Plate website offers personalized menu plans.

Right attitude: A complete life is even felt as a victory in even small results. Try to be self-reliant. If you get one hour in the day, use it well.

Set the right goals: In order to set goals in your life, you need to think from a personal perspective. What will you be happy with? What is the ultimate goal of your life? Before moving on to the goal, make a long-term plan to get an idea about that path. And that plan will be your tool to achieve goals.

Find help: If you have enough power, then help your family members. Believe me, you have a little boy or a girl, play sports with them, they’ll be happy. Husband can offer you a roast rich meal, to support you and with you today a salad will be eaten.

Write changes gradually: Do not cut off the shoulders? All inventions should be started slowly. To protect yourself from the breakdown, and protect your body from the pressure.

Drinking water: Adult and active men and women need to drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily. However, depending on how much water to drink, depending on weather and physical labor. According to scientists, an adult should drink a maximum of 4-5 liters of water a day. Kidney, liver, heart, and brain are good for drinking enough water. Blood circulation is normal in the body. Water helps keep the inner cells strong and normal.

Choose a weight loss program: Exercises for women. Home training is just an ideal option. All you need for a quality study at home. All you have to do, jump rope, v-exercise, legs tied, Superman, jump on one leg, you can choose these programs. If you are a supporter of food, choose those who are fully involved with you, Which is suitable for taste, preferences and health plans for women4

Try to remove sugar: Extra sugar, especially with soft drinks, is responsible for kidney disease of excess sugar. Addiction to sugar prevents the body from taking nutrition. Uric acid in sugar. Any kind of arthritis in excess sugar can increase the pain. Experts say excessive sugar consumption increases the likelihood of pancreatic cancer. The effectiveness of insulin hormones is wasted by consuming excessive sugars. Those who are interested in weight loss, they can use tea instead of sugar, tea in coffee and honey.

Fast digestible carbohydrate: The energy that is required for life-saving is provided by almost half the carbohydrate content. To lose weight, you have to calculate the calorie balance and calculate the expense.

  • To reduce weight, you have to have 60 grams of carbohydrate diet limits every day.
  • When weight is normal, then 200 g of carbohydrate proteins may be in the right shape unless fatty foods are abused.
  • Eating foods with more than 300 grams of carbohydrate daily, You can observe increasing increases in weight.

Do not eat extra fry:  Do not eat fried food out of the outside oil. If weights increase, cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, and mortality in homebody high blood pressure. Potato fried or frozen fries are necessary to stay away from these foods as far as possible. Due to the high intake of fried foods, there are many types of damage to the body. For example,

  • Fat levels in the body begin to grow.
  • The mobility of the body decreases.
  • There is a possibility of increased toxicity of toxic content in the body.

Try to eat less fat: Scientists have shown that eating fat does not mean weight gain. The foods that are full of harmful fats for the body increase weight. One study found in the Nutrition Journal, omega three fatty acids are much more in animal meat than grass. Which is known to reduce the risk of heart disease? This meat is naturally lean and less calorie than normal meat. It is most useful to use olives or other vegetable oils to cook.

Eat vegetables: All kinds of green vegetables help to reduce weight. So it is better to keep any vegetables in the everyday diet. It contains plenty of iron and vitamins, which help in reducing weight loss as well as the necessary nutrient deficiencies. Such as- Cauliflower, cucumber, carrot etc.

Do not forget to eat protein: Choose low-fat food. Fish, meat, poultry, seafood, beans, nuts, seeds and other proteins. Turkish chicken can eat rabbit meat. Fish included in very low-fat foods. Dairy and dairy products are less. Low-fat (1%) or fat-free (skim) yogurt, cottage cheese, or milk. “Light” cream cheese or fat-free cream. Fat-free American cheese or other types of greasy cheeses.

Exercise Planning:

Exercises for women in the brain have many benefits. Benefits of exercising for women in brain Maintenance of weight loss, the risk of disease, reduced body fat and may be less of a decrease in muscle mass related to weight loss. Exercise should be increased gradually and care for survival. NHLBI recommends that all adults work up to an exercise plan, which is at least 30 minutes of exercise for most days or weeks. The Center for Medical Weight Loss says that women should naturally have more fat than men, women can program an exercise while adding some weight-training to increase muscle, that helps burn calories.

Walking is a drug substitute, popular cardiovascular exercise for most women and additional body fat may help to burn. Exercise resistance such as weight lifting may help to burn excess fat. Walking or other cardiovascular exercises can be alternated with. I wish you good health.


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