A very good morning to the respected teachers, my colleagues and other people gathered here. As we all know that we are here to celebrate this special occasion, I would like to speak on the topic of health and fitness. In this competitive and crowded world, everyone has forgotten to take care of their health. They start a run in the early morning (to earn money for their family) which only ends in the late night. People do not have a little bit of time for themselves. They only earn money, eat and sleep. They do not know that to keep this body healthy, we need to involve in the daily physical exercises and cleanliness of body. There is a common saying that “health is wealth”. It is very true, it is only our good health which remains with us in our bad times and helps us to face all challenges of the life. Health is the most valuable and precious things for every individual in the life. Good health is the state of complete physical, mental, social and spiritual well being without any suffering.foods fit

Being a healthy and fit person requires good natural environment, healthy living, healthy food, daily physical exercises, and personal cleanliness. All such things facilitate good health for a long time. On the other hand, an unhealthy environment because of the overpopulation, industrialization, and pollution causes bad health and mental disturbance. Bad health always threatens the life as it brings many dreadful diseases such as heart attack, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, hepatitis, AIDS, kidney failure, liver problems, etc.

Nowadays, people are suffering from various mental disorders because they are spending their full time in racing to blindly earn money, to earn fame, win aim of life and achieve big status in the society.

fit foodsEveryone’s life has been hectic because of the huge level competition in each field. Earlier people were used to of enjoying the nature’s beauty and enjoying the different colors of life. But now, people are working in very stressful condition without any satisfaction which is hindering the physical and mental fitness thus people are suffering any diseases. Physical fitness and the healthy diet are very important for getting a healthy and tension free life. People should eat very simple and light food (rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins) with green leafy vegetables, fruits, and milk. Food rich in fruits and fresh vegetables reduces the risk of cancer, cataract, diabetes, heart attack etc. People should avoid eating fast foods, oily foods, soft drinks and fatty foods. Everyone should follow good eating and exercise habits such as:

Eat breakfast at the time and in the large amount and light dinner 3 hrs before sleeping.

We should be a nibbler and not a foodie.

We should practice eating fresh salad with the meal.

We should not keep ourselves starve for a long time or overeat subsequently.

We should avoid fast foods and canned foods.

We should eat heart-friendly foods like yellow, orange and green vegetables and fruits.

We should reduce the intake of food and exercise more as the age increases.

We should go for daily light and heavy physical exercises by keeping in mind the structure of the body.

Regular exercises enhance basic metabolic rate which increases absorption of digested food and burns extra body fat by improving vital organs functioning.

We should practice yoga and meditation at home on daily basis.

We should go for proper sleep at right time and follow early to bed early to rise regime. We should take care that; never sleep with stress, never sleep during the day, always drink warm milk before going to bed.

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