Around 30 or above 30, our body starts developing various health problems if we are not involved in any type of physical activity. In such case, we are at the tip of risks who must think about the health and fitness as well as starts following all the tips of getting healthy and fit. Physical exercises and proper nutrition on daily basis gives us health, physical fitness, and mental fitness. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we must involve in the daily routine exercises and fresh healthy food. Being healthy and fit increases our energy level, improves confidence, burns calories, minimizes complications of chronic diseases and increases life term.Health and fit

Our health and fitness are related to the many health benefits such as:

Decreases risk of Type-2 diabetes

Decreases risk of hypertension and high cholesterol level

Improves mental health

Relieves stress

Improves better quality sleep

Decreases risk of early death

Promotes weight loss

Increases bone density

In order to maintain health and fitness, we must be self-motivated and encouraged. We must use all the moves which can motivate us. There is the necessity of at least 2.5 hours (moderate-intensity) or 1.25 hours (vigorous-intensity) aerobic physical activities in a week. For getting more health benefits, we need to increase our moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity up to 5 hours or vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity up to 2.5 hours in a week. Physical activity should be the essential part of our life in order to be fit, healthy and young.

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