Working for a long time sitting, due to low physical activity, fat is in the stomach. As a result, those who are unable to find out when exercising, they have been through some simple habits every day and lose stomach fat can reduce the way through the excess fat of the body.

Excess fat in the abdomen is hard to get back and the beauty is broken. It is very necessary for health to keep body weight properly. If your weight is high, then there is no substitute for reducing it. Many people are faced with danger while hurrying to reduce weight.

Generally, almost all men and women have stomach obesity complications. Especially the stomach is more in the stomach than the whole body and, sadly, it takes a little longer to reduce stomach fat. Along with this, there will be some changes in diet. Eat less food than a few times and eat less than five to six times. Eat water after half an hour after eating meals. Night meal should be done at 8:30 pm or two hours before bedtime to finish the dinner. Food, vegetables, red rice, red flour bread, chicken, fish, low-fat milk etc should be kept in the food list.

These methods are completely domestic. You can do these at home.

Cumin water:

This cumin is used in cooking in the Mediterranean and south-western Asian countries. As a result of drinking water, it refreshes the body by cooling down the body and reducing excess body temperature. It is very healthy. The cumin water contains antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, which facilitates digestion. If you drink this water, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting can be removed. This cumin water is very beneficial to clean toxic elements from the body.lose stomach fat5

Cumin water works like a magician to reduce stomach fat. If you drink 10 liters of cumin water, you will lose weight. Drinking cumin water the digestive system works well. Researchers say, if you have any disorder, then you can drink tea with cumin. Read more

Terms of Use: Mix some spoons honey and three grams of cumin powder into a glass of water well. Eat this mixture regularly. Make a soup, mix one spoon powder of cumin powder and do good work. Boil carrots and other vegetables, pour garlic and lemon juice. Add some cumin powder to it. Eat every night. After 15 days, you get to lose weight like magic.

Ginger water:

Ginger helps to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the body. Increasing the amount of bad cholesterol in the body increases the risk of heart disease. Ginger water works to prevent various types of cancer. Ginger can drink water if high blood pressure problem. These include strong antioxidants. Ginger water removes toxic substances from the body and helps in refreshing the body.

Terms of Use: Cut ginger pieces into the water and boil for 15 minutes. Then cool down from the oven and cool it. Drink with a lemon in it. Ginger water will help to remove excess fat in the body. Drink it for a week. It will help reduce stomach fat. You can also grind ginger if you want. Mild yolk mixed with water you can drink before breakfast.

Cinnamon water:

Cinnamon regulates the cholesterol levels in the body. Cinnamon effectively follows the activities of insulin. Insulin plays an important role in controlling blood sugar levels. It is very important to maintain a satisfactory level of blood sugar because the excess body accumulates excess fat in the body. Since cinnamon helps control blood sugar levels, it prevents excess fat from being stored.

Drinking cinnamon and honey mixed with water will fade fat. Drink a mixture of honey and cinnamon twice daily. This drink will help reduce fat in the stomach.

Terms of Use: 2 glasses of water and mix 2 tablespoon cinnamon powder and mix it well and keep it covered for 15 minutes. Then add one and a half tablespoon honey to it drink an empty stomach in one glass morning. Drink more than a glass night before sleeping.

Lemon juice:

Lemon has a lot of fiber. Which fight against hunger. There are many benefits of lemon, such as energy enhancement, kidney stones, liver clean, help in digestion, clear skin, prevent cancer, remove urinary infections. However, if drinking excessive lemon water, those who have problems with acid can flame their chest. Excessive lemon juice can cause pain in the stomach and lower abdominal pain.

Terms of Use: Take 1 cup / 237 ml of boiling water. Then put the cinnamon powder in a glass and pour boiling water into it. Then cover it with lid in the glass. When it gets a little cool, add honey and lemon juice to it. Do not mix honey with boiling hot water. Because the quality of honey is spoiled. Then drink half of this drink before sleeping in the night. And leave the keep half in the refrigerator. Drink half an empty stomach in the morning. But in the morning there is no need to heat the drink again. Drink this drink regularly daily. Diameter, see the weight loss of magic.


Studies have shown, if you eat garlic in an empty stomach, it works like a strong antibiotic. It works better even after eating garlic before breakfast. Especially eating empty juice of garlic causes bacteria to be exposed and then the bacteria lose to the power of garlic. As a result, the body’s harmful bacteria cannot be protected. Kavita Devgan, a nutritionist at Delhi’s nutrition website on food and nutrition, said, the calorie value of garlic is very small. Three to four slices of garlic contain only 13 calories. Besides, garlic has many other qualities.

Terms of Use: Eat 2/3 slice of garlic on empty stomach every morning, drink a little later, lemon juice. It will work twice as fast as possible to reduce your stomach fat. Moreover, it will make the body’s circulation easier.

Ice mint Tea:

Mint is a very good element to reduce fat in the stomach. It also helps to remove the antioxidant of mint and various types of physical problems. You can get some relief in the summer and take a little less stomach’s fat with the help of the ice mint tea.

Terms of Use: A few grains of tea in 3-4 cups of water, Fist 1 Mint leaf and 1-inch ginger in the sum burn the stove with the bruised ginger. When you are well burned, take cold. If you want to make ice with some drinks. Then pour it into a glass and drink it with the common ice. As honey can be mixed. You can mix with a few drops of lemon juice. Your Ice Mint Tea is ready.

Red rice instead of white rice:

There is a cover on the red rice after leaving the shell. Which keeps its nutrients intact. And it contains a lot of fiber, mineral nutrients and vitamins than normal white rice. This rice does not go through intensive processing and smoothing during marketing. As a result, there is no way to deny that red rice is more healthy, rich in nutrient value and more delicious.

Apart from this, the amount of calories and carbohydrate is more in white rice. Other nutritional components are less. As a result, it causes various diseases including diabetes and obesity. Regardless of these things, it would be more healthy to add red rice instead of completely eliminating rice from the food list. Red rice is used to prevent diabetes, prevent heart disease, good for digestion, weight control, reduce cholesterol. In addition, there are many benefits of red rice.

If you want to reduce fat in the stomach, adjust these exercises:

Sit Up:

Read on in a flat place or on the floor. Then fold the legs two. The hand is straight along the knee, front. lose stomach fat2Now sit in front of the breath and sit straight ahead. The legs are folded. Now go back to the previous state. There will be no longer sitting. Get up again and sit again, sit back again. This will happen once. You do this 12 times a total. If you have 12 times, take a minute to rest. One minute later you will start again in the same way. Again 12 times. Thus, one set will be 12 times. You have to set two in such a situation initially. This way you can set three.

leg Raises:

Lie down on the floor straight. Pair the legs two straight up to 90 degrees. The hands will be on the right side. Now take the breath to take down the two pairs of legs. But the legs will not fall on two floors. lose stomach fat1 (1)There will be some distance to the floor with your feet. Leave the breath in this situation then lift the legs up to 90 degrees. Move down again. From the head to the waist it will be on the floor. Set 12 times this way. This exercise is very beneficial for the abdomen.

Russian Twist:

Sit straight on both sides of the legs. Take a couple of feet by folding the legs to a little higher than the floor. Take the upper part of the body from the waist to the back. Put your hands in the hands of the gentle hands and turn around once to the right and turn towards the right waist, or turn around and bring it to the waist. In this way, 12 times will mean two sets. This reduces the fatty tissue and floor belly fat in your waist.


Put your arms in front of the elbows and fill them on the feet. The body will be raised in a parallel position. Stay in this condition exactly 10-15 seconds. In the first 10-15 seconds. It can be extended up to 40-45 seconds. Do this in two to three times. After each time you will take a little rest. This reduces the back and fat of your stomach.lose stomach fat6

If you regularly adjust these exercises, you will certainly get very good results. But remember not to do this abdominal exercise every day. In a primary condition, do one day afterward. It will get good results. After the first one to two days, you may feel pain in the muscles of the stomach. You will be sure that your exercises are working, that is, the fat cells started to break. Thus, after two to three months stretching, you will get better results. Two to three months later you have to choose another exercise. Because the same exercise takes longer and does not want to work.

This exercise is not possible by eating unhealthy foods. Keep food away from sugar. Reduce extra oily food. Besides, drink plenty of water.


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