Whenever we talk about weight loss, we always imagine that women are eating tired exercises and fruits and different types of food. It is true that it is difficult to reach the desired result without healthy food and physical exercise. But research has shown that in addition to going to diet and gym, it is possible to reduce excess fat in the body by other means.

Presenting you some effective tips for weight loss without diet and exercise today.

1. Eat red plate:

It may seem a bit weird, but the study found that eating red plates rather than eating white plates or blue plates would be less eaten.Lose weight without dieting The thing is that this color is associated with sanctions and a signal to stop eating, so naturally, people will reduce the feeling of eating.A study was conducted in this regard, where participants were allowed to eat cookies on red, white and blue plates. Those who ate red plates ate less than other color plates users.

2. Drinks in thin and tall glasses:

Although the subject is ridiculous and scientifically proven and true. If you drink a glass of tall glass, you  can drink about 25-30% less. American scientist Brian Wansink interpreted this as a delusion that the brain’s puzzle. Studies have shown that even liquor shoppers pour more drinks in small and spacious glasses.Lose weight without dieting3

3. Do not keep unhealthy foods in front of the eyes:

Researchers have shown that if people keep high-caloric food on their eyes, most of them are fat. On the other hand, those who keep unhealthy foods out of their eyes and instead keep fruits, they lose weight. The thing that is delicious (but unhealthy) to look, enhances appetite and hunger and lures you to eat more. So, make sure to keep healthy foods only at home.

4. Eating too much protein:

When you eat protein rich foods, your appetite will go very fast. Lose weight without dieting1Studies have shown that by increasing the protein daily by 15% in the daily diet, the participants helped reduce calories 440. Because of this, they could reduce the weight by 10 pounds in 12 weeks without limiting any food. The foods that contain maximum protein include meat (chicken and red meat), fish, eggs, cheeses, and beans.

5. Mild hunger mint chewing gum:

When you want light hunger and do not want to take the risk of eating unhealthy snacks, the sugar-free (mint) flavored bubble-gum can be chewed. The smell of mint immediately eliminates the desire to eat something. It impedes the cholesterol accumulation of blood. As a result, the heart is healthy.

6. Add ice to drink:

Add some ice to your drink (coffee, tea, juice) and drink with a tubing. Cold foods reduce excess calories in the body.

7. Sleep a lot:

The Nature Communication Magazine study published in 2013 found that those who slept in less than 6 hours, consumed high-calorie foods and gained more weight than enough sleeping people. So, try to sleep at least 7-8 hours at night.

8. Buy a little sized clothing:

Buy a costume or new jeans which is smaller than you and keep it in a room where you can see the dress. If you look at this dress, it will seem that we need to lose weight to wear this dress.

9. Weight loss with somebody:

Join your friends or those who want to lose weight. This will make the weight loss process more fruitful. One study found that those who started the weight loss process with other people could achieve their target of 20% more.

10. Use ice packs to reduce fat:

According to researchers at Maastricht University, cold temperatures help in reducing fat. Converting cold white fat into brown fat which is easily digested by the body. Wrap the ice pack with a thin cloth and keep it in the area where the fat is in it. Leave the packet for about 30 minutes. So do it once a day for 12 days.

11. Use the stairs without using the elevator:

It will not only strengthen the muscles of your feet, but you will see the result of a few weeks after breaking the stairs just every few minutes. Get up to a few stairs daily without lift. Then use the elevator.

12. Cook food at home:

Cooking for meals for two reasons is helpful in achieving your weight loss goals. 1. When cooking itself, be careful about the food so that it is healthy. 2. Cooks have a wonderful effect on cooking. For example, before eating the food, the cooks eat a type of meal in the fullness or satisfaction. Because of which you will not eat more food later. Which is helpful in weight control.

13. Leave alcoholism:

Drinking alcoholism in the stomach causes an obstruction in energy. As a result, body fat starts to grow. Even if there is a lot of calories in the middle of the beer. Carbohydrate foods have more calories than food.

14. Eat more vegetables:

If you want to know the fastest way to lose weight then eat more vegetables. This will satisfy your hunger but the chances of growing calories will be reduced. Because vegetables contain plenty of fiber and water. So that you can easily fill your stomach. Because of that, you do not have to eat extra food. Weight will not increase.

15. Drink soup:

If you drink soup before lunch or dinner, your hunger will be reduced considerably. As a result, you will eat less food. But do not eat any soup made with cream. Because they contain lots of butter and fat.

16. Drink water instead of soft drinks:

We often drink fruit juice or cola drinks while eating at the hotel or on any other occasion. Rather than eat water. It will not only save money but also protect your health, and it will be helpful to reduce weight.

Instant diet plan to reduce stomach fat:

Many people suffer from stomach fat problem. Different methods are being used to get rid of that problem. Those who are suffering from stomach fat can easily get rid of this problem. It is possible to reduce belly fat even in just 7 days. Need to exclude foods that increase body fat such as alcohol, sugar, processed foods, etc. But of course, practice eating fish, chicken, and vegetables. Processed foods and sugar make the body fat enough and the fat in the abdomen, thigh, and hip. Therefore, caution should be taken while taking food. Let’s know the weight loss diet plan.

  • Avoid caffeine, sugar, alcohol and processed foods. These foods easily get fat in the body.
  • Eat fish oil to reduce fat. Fish oil suppresses excess fat and provides essential fatty acids for the body.
  • Make a regular breakfast. Wake up and eat breakfast in 1 hour. If you do not have the time to get breakfast in the morning, then eating some fruits and nuts or an egg.
  • Do not eat heavy food after 8 pm. It is better to eat heavy food for at least 4 hours before going to sleep at night. If you fall asleep at night and there are problems with digestion and fat increases.

7 days of diet plan to reduce weight:

Day 1: Any fruit without banana can eat as much as you want. Without all types of food, the first day will only eat fruit.

Day 2: Vegetables to eat on the second day. Eat plenty of any vegetables except potatoes. Try cooking the salad without cooking it with oil. If you use oil, you can use olive oil in small amounts.

Day 3: Do not eat bananas for the third day. Any fruits and vegetables without banana can eat as much as you like. But no other food can be eaten.

Day 4: The day of banana is the fourth day. On this day you can eat 8 medium-sized bananas and three glasses (200 ml) milk. But nothing else can be eaten.

Day 5: Can eat meat on the fifth day. Can eat chicken in small quantities and with 6 tomatoes.

Day 6: On the sixth day, eat chicken meat and eat other vegetables except for potatoes.

Day 7: on the last day of the diet, ie brown rice on the seventh day, meat without fat, fruit juice and all kinds of vegetables.

Some caution:

This diet chart is able to follow once per month. If you are sick do not follow the diet without doctor’s advice. Drink plenty of water along with this diet. The weight loss problem will be based on the excess weight. It is necessary to remember, the weight of which is more, its weight will decrease more.




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